Dispute Resolution, Litigation & Arbitration

Dispute Resolution, Litigation & ArbitrationFew businesses relish the prospect of commercial disputes. in our litigation and arbitration practice, we understand that when disputes occur, clients would like them dealt with economically and effectively and with minimal damage to their reputation.

To achieve this, clients may need lawyers with in-depth experience not just of commercial dispute resolution, but also with specialist knowledge of the clients industry or sector. Our dispute resolution Saudi qualified lawyers understand the pressures clients may face in dealing with commercial disputes and have extensive experience of handling all kinds of disputes, from straightforward claims to complex, high-value, multi-jurisdictional disputes.

We will work with you to resolve disputes in a way that meets your commercial objectives, whether that is to litigate aggressively or otherwise, arbitrate or employ alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as mediation. We take the lead in identifying how clients can avoid disputes and often advise on strategies for dispute avoidance, understanding our clients’ business and the commercial pressures under which they operate is a priority for our team. Our litigation and arbitration lawyers maintain considerable experience, making our dispute resolution practice one of the best in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The dispute practice capabilities cover a broad range of commercial, financial and corporate disputes and represents clients in all forms of dispute resolution including litigation, arbitration, mediation, adjudication and conciliation, as well as expert determination. We are fully entitled to practice litigation and arbitration within the Saudi Legal System before all Saudi Courts including the Board of Grievances, the General Courts (Shari’ah ), the Supreme Court and all type of Dispute Resolutions Committees.