Banking and Finance

Our Banking and Finance ability covers a wide range of related Saudi Laws and Regulations and our lawyers carry out a wide range of finance work. Our clients include banks, authorised persons companies, multi-national corporations and investment funds. Our Saudi legal capability includes advising in Saudi Banking Control Law, Corporate Insurance Companies Control Law and other related banking laws and regulations in relation to licensing, establishing, public offering. Our roots are firmly in the banking sector. As a result, our combined knowledge of the sector and its issues is immeasurable. Our clients ask us to advise on a range of transactional concerning Saudi Laws and Regulations including:
Banking and Finance

  • General Corporate Lending;
  • Structured Finance including Project Finance and Public-Private Partnerships;
  • Supervision of Finance Companies Law;
  • Financial Lease Law &
  • Real Estate Finance Law

We work with a range of clients including small privately-owned companies to global corporations, banks, accountancy firms and other financial institutions.